Ep 4, Retold: A Bible Story

‘I miss the everyday’

This is the final episode. In it, I speak to Maureen about how difficult leaving the manse was for them – Ron’s health was deteriorating, she had a new home to set up on the other side of the country, and they were awaiting a diagnosis for his early onset dementia.

It’s little wonder a bible, no matter how much loved it was, got lost in the process.

Maureen speaks candidly about dealing with a loved one’s dementia. She is warm and open throughout. The interview can be a difficult listen in places, espiecially for those going through a similar process, but Maureen’s understanding and kindness shines through.

I will be forever grateful to Maureen for agreeing to do the interview and for agreeing to its subsequent release at a difficult time for her.

More information for anyone dealing with dementia or those worried about a loved one can be found at: https://www.dementiauk.org/

You can also donate to them here: https://www.dementiauk.org/get-involved/donate/

Thanks again to everyone who has helped with the making of this series. All my friends who listened before you guys did and gave valuable feedback. Sadie for helping throughout. All the people in Hamilton who answered the phone and offered help. Ruth Oliver for being a pal and coming along with me. Tommy McKay for giving his time so kindly and setting me on the right path. Everyone in the Church of Scotland who answered my various questions and queries. Paul at the dump in for not only not shouting at me for taking the bible, but for being so good as do to an interview. And most of all to Maureen Stitt. Thanks Maureen.

Stay subscribed. Not only is there a bonus episode coming up – my very talented friend Clare has written a song inspired by the series. She is doing the post production on it just now, but as soon as it’s ready I’ll share it with you guys. Clare plays in a band with my partner Sadie, you can check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/OtherStoriesGlasgow/

Or you can listen to her solo stuff at: https://soundcloud.com/clareclarke

There will be series two of Retold with an entirely different set of stories, so stay subscribed for the that and keep an eye on Telt Media’s website for future details. https://telt.media/

If you enjoyed it, please leave a review. It really helps. I enjoy reading your comments. And also, tell a pal. This was made on a budget of petrol money and squeezed into my spare time. So any help spreading the word is appreciated.

All the music was licensed under a creative commons license. In this episodes, it’s quite straight forward, you heard:

Action by Monplaisir, that’s the theme music:


and God Be With You Till We Meet Again by Chris Zabriskie:


One Reply to “Ep 4, Retold: A Bible Story”

  1. Well that was powerful. What an amazing person and what faith. I was hooked from beginning to end. I read lots of books and listening to this was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Looking forward to your next series.

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