Sadie makes the highly acclaimed Accentricty podcast, with editorial and technical support from John. You can find out more about it and catch up with the latest episodes here

Ep 5, Retold: A Bible Story

In this special bonus episode, John chats to Mima Merrow, an alternative folk artist from Glasgow, about the song she wrote in response to the podcast. Mima’s debut EP Good Grief is out on the on the 4th of December. One of the five tracks on it, John Loves the Dump, was written as a…

Ep 4, Retold: A Bible Story

This is the final episode. In it, I speak to Maureen about how difficult leaving the manse was for them – Ron’s health was deteriorating, she had a new home to set up on the other side of the country, and they were awaiting a diagnosis for his early onset dementia. It’s little wonder a…

Ep 3, Retold: A Bible Story

The bible is already back and Maureen, Ronald Stitt’s wife, has agreed to talk to me about it. It turns out the bible was not only significant to Ron but to her, too. This is the first of two episodes where I speak to Maureen. We attempt to work out how the bible landed up…

Ep 2, Retold: A Bible Story

It feels like I’ve made loads of progress and no progress at all. I have the bible I found on the dump, I have the name of the person whose bible it is – The Reverend Ronald Stitt, I have spoken to someone who knew him when he got it in 1974, but still, I…

Ep 1, Retold: A Bible Story

When you find a bible on the dump, you only have a few options. Firstly, you can throw it back or take it home? I’m not religious, but I wasn’t for throwing it back. Whatever your persuasion, a bible is a sacred object. So I took it home. It sat there for a while, gathering…

Retold: A Bible Story Trailer

The first episode will be released on Monday the 1st of June, then every Monday after that. When I left my job at the BBC, this is the first thing I undertook. I had time, a lot of curiosity, and a leather bound bible with someone’s name on it. I found the bible among boxes…

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