Ep 3, Retold: A Bible Story

Episode 3 Meeting Maureen

The bible is already back and Maureen, Ronald Stitt’s wife, has agreed to talk to me about it. It turns out the bible was not only significant to Ron but to her, too.

This is the first of two episodes where I speak to Maureen. We attempt to work out how the bible landed up on the dump and I get to a learn a lot more about Ron and Maureen’s life together.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the making of this episode. To Sadie for her ear, her story telling advice, and for coming along with me on this adventure. Thanks to all my friends who listened before their release – your help and advice was invaluable. And thanks most of all to Maureen Stitt, who welcomed me into her house and spoke so warmly, wisely and candidly at a difficult time for her and her family. I owe a debt of gratitude to Maureen not only for agreeing to speak to me, but for agreeing to the release of these episodes despite the delay in getting them out.

The next episode is out on Monday the 22nd of June.

All the music in this podcast is licensed under a creative commons license. The tracks used can be found here.


Scenery by Kai Engel


Staring at the void between me and the wall, also by Monplaisir. 


Again, Monplaisir with Home’s Church


Jahzzar with Aisles 


God Be With You Till We Meet Again by Chris Zabriskie


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