Ep 2, Retold: A Bible Story

Episode 2: Doubt and Discovery

It feels like I’ve made loads of progress and no progress at all. I have the bible I found on the dump, I have the name of the person whose bible it is – The Reverend Ronald Stitt, I have spoken to someone who knew him when he got it in 1974, but still, I am no closer to tracking him down.

I have a few good leads and this week, I chase them up. The information I’m given leaves me shaken, and doubting whether or not I should have undertaken this at all. Should I just have left the bible on my shelf. Or better still, left it where it was, on the dump. Who am I to go poking about in someone else life?

It feels, many times over, that this could be the end of my efforts to reunite the bible with its rightful owner.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the making of this episode. To everyone who answered the phone and went over and above what’s required to assist me. To Sadie for her ear, research skills, and story telling advice. Thanks to Ruth for being a good pal and driving companion. And to my many friends who took the time to listen to each episode and give me valuable feedback.

The next episode is out on Monday the 15th of June.

All the music in this podcast is licensed under a creative commons license.

This time round you heard Action by Monplaisir, that’s the theme music. And Ending 1, also by Monplaisir



Two by Jahzzar- Aisles and Cloudz. 



Kai Engel with Scenery


Chris Zabrinski, Another Version of You. 


Punk Rock Opera, In the Driving Wheel. 


Cyrus with Freedom. 


And Anthony Raijekov with Photo Theme: Window Like


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