Ep 1, Retold: A Bible Story

Episode 1: The Search Begins

When you find a bible on the dump, you only have a few options. Firstly, you can throw it back or take it home? I’m not religious, but I wasn’t for throwing it back. Whatever your persuasion, a bible is a sacred object.

So I took it home. It sat there for a while, gathering dust. I’d had a good look at it, inside and out. It was clearly once someone’s prized possession – it was immaculate and had been kept that way since 1974. It has someone’s name on the inside but I couldn’t quite make it out. Why would anyone throw away a bible? Especially one that clearly been treasured for so long.

So that’s where we start. With a bible, a load of questions and not many answers.

By this point, I’d decided to try and return it to it’s rightful owner. It feels too important to sit on my shelf. Among the self doubt, a lucky break sets us on the right path. But will it be enough to reunite our bible and its mystery owner of nearly 50 years?

Thanks to everyone who helped with the making of this episode. To everyone who answered the phone and went over and above what’s required to assist me. To Sadie for her ear, research skills, and story telling advice. And to my many friends who took the time to listen to each episode and give me valuable feedback.

I hope you enjoy listening. The next episode will be released on Monday the 8th June

All the music in this podcast is licensed under a creative commons license. In this episode you heard:

Action by Monplaisir:


Restless by the Aurora Principle:  


Selah, by Cyrus:


Aisles by Jahzzar:


Kai Engel – Who gets top Marx for Scenery:


Freedom, by Cyrus: 


God Be With You Till We Meet Again by Chris Zabriskie:


And finally, before we heard that theme music again, we had Motorhead by Bush Tetras:


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