Retold: A Bible Story Trailer

The first episode will be released on Monday the 1st of June, then every Monday after that.

When I left my job at the BBC, this is the first thing I undertook. I had time, a lot of curiosity, and a leather bound bible with someone’s name on it. I found the bible among boxes and boxes of bibles – or what I took to be bibles – while unloading old windows at a recycling centre in Glasgow’s east end.

Bibles don’t normally end up on the dump. Do they? It felt very odd, kinda eerie. I’m not religious but I couldn’t really throw it back. That would be like me throwing it out. I went to a gig once. The band were Satanists. Part of their thing was getting the crowd to shout Hail Satan back at them. Not me. I’ll stick in the middle, thank you very much. Not hailing satan and not throwing other people’s bibles back on the dump. So I took it home.

It’s not an ordinary bible. It’s a fancy one. One you get and keep for life. Yet there it was, on the dump. What makes someone throw a bible out? Did they mean to? Do they want it back?

So many questions. Zero answers. Just a name on the inside page. A name I couldn’t quite make out.

Armed with a cheap recorder and some journalistic nous, I set about trying to reunite the bible with its rightful owner. I recorded my conversations, car journeys, missions, failures, worries – the lot.

That became this. A podcast. Retold: A Bible story.

The first episode will be released on Monday the 1st of June. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts to find out how I got on.

Let me know if there are any problems getting the podcast and I’ll try and sort them from this end. Head over to to get in touch. All episodes will also available on the website.

All the music used in the podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons license. The tracks used in this trail were Action by Monplaisir and Scenery by Kai Engel

You can check them out here:

and here:

Thanks for listening.

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